Faroe Islands
MAY 24th - 28th. 2016

New Nordic Drama

Celebrating six contemporary Nordic plays during 2016 and 2017

New Nordic Drama is a touring reading-festival with the purpose of presenting and uniting plays and playwrights from six Nordic countries: Faroe Islands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland. The aim is to present Nordic plays, playwrights and performers to a larger international platform, create increased mobility in the performing arts and an opportunity to find way to theatres and venues in neighboring countries as well as internationally.

A jury from each represented country has selected their best contemporary play written and staged between January 2014 and December 2015. The selected plays will form the basis of the reading-event showing a glimpse of the current Nordic drama scene. The premiere is in the Faroe Islands on May 27th and 28th during the Nordic Performing Arts Days.

The selected plays are:

  1. Faroe Islands: “TÒM RÙM” (Empty Rooms) by Marjun Syderbø Kjelnæs
  2. Norway – “VISNING” (The Viewing) by Cecilie Løveid
  3. Sweden- “PEOPLE RESPECT ME NOW” by Paula Stenström Öhman
  4. Iceland – “SEGULSVIД (Magnetic Fields) by Sigurður Pálsson
  5. Denmark – “SOLI DEO GLORIA” by Peter Asmussen
  6. Finland – “IHANAT IHMISET” (Lovely People) by Antti Hietala

A Nordic Collaboration

New Nordic Drama is a collaboration between twelve Nordic actors, two from each country, and three Nordic directors who will be staging selections from the plays in durations of half an hour each. The readings will be performed in their original languages supported with English subtitles.

Actors are:

Nicolaj Falck and Durita Dahl Andreassen from the Faroe Islands
Hannes Óli Agustsson and Margrét Vilhjálmsdóttir from Iceland
Brian Hjulmann Nielsen and Marina Bouras from Denmark
Hauk Heyerdahl and Anne Ryg from Norway
Henrik Hellström and Eva Melander from Sweden
Jussi Olavi Nikkilä and Lotta Emilia Kaihua from Finland

Directors are:
Jens Albinus from Denmark
Ria Tórgarð from the Faroe Islands
Öllegård Cecilia Groundstroem from Sweden


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