Faroe Islands
MAY 24th - 28th. 2016

Olaf Johannessen at the opening NPAD16

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Politiken was here….

Article by Monna Dither, Politiken. Anm: Når publikum selv vil spille med 3. juni 2016 02:00 Politiken MONNA DITHMER, THORSHAVN… 938 ord Id:e5bd4c55 thumbnail TEATER Det interaktive teater breder sig som eskalerende ny tendens. Det viste Nordic Performing Arts Days i Tórshavn, hvor publikum blandede sig i tide og utide – med kunstnerisk gevinst. Nordic […]

Speech from Heðin Mortensen, Mayor of Tórshavn

Dear organizers, actors and guests. Drama is as old as man. People have always emulated or imitated each other, and probably we have an innate desire to reproduce reality in play and games. The Greek dramatic art was in the height already 500 years before the birth of Christ. Here in Torshavn, we know that […]

New Nordic Drama moves on…

NEXT STOP CPH.STAGE June 8th at 4pm the opening of the reading festival at Husets Teater New Nordic Drama will be part of Festival for ny europæisk dramatik. See program at FESTIVAL FOR NY EUROPÆISK DRAMATIK and here        

Welcome speech from Gunnvá Zachariasen, festival director

From the opening May24th. at The Nordic House Kære Nordiske venner – gæster – kollegaer – publikum   Jeg er så glad i dag for at jeg kan stå her og endelig ønske jer alle hjertelig velkommen til Færøerne og til nordiske scenekunstdage på Færøerne. Vejen hertil har været lang, nogle gange hård og nogle […]


Annika og Kristleif Zachariasen Undir Giljum 6 – Hvalvík They will host A Doll’s House in their home in Hvalvík. A minibus will take you to Hvalvik and back again. Going from The Nordic House at 17.00/5PM and back again to The Nordic House right after the performance.  

The film “Flickan, mamman och demonerna” by Suzanne Osten

Somewhere in an apartment a psychotic single mother isolates herself and her daughter among garbage and bottles with urine. will be shown at The Nordic House, Norðurstova. Suzanne Osten’s newly released movie “Flickan, mamman och demonerna” will be shown at the Nordic House, Norðurstova. Friday morning at 10AM Saturday morning at 10AM Free entry  

A Doll’s House – launching the host in Nólsoy

Revealing the hosts in Nólsoy: HILMAR JOENSEN AND GUNNVØR JOENSEN Á Ryggi 4 – Nólsoy They will host A Doll’s House in their home in Nólsoy. For guests coming from Tórshavn: Take the ferry Ternan at 18.00/6PM at Bursatangi A Dagarnir festivalassistant will guide you to their house. The Information center in Nólsoy is open […]

Festival Program

The festival program for Nordic Performing Arts Days is now ready. You will get the printed program at the festival, but you can have a look at the program here.

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